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Smart ways to reduce Electricity Bill

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Working Smarter


April’s IPCC report highlights the ineffectiveness of fear as a motivator to change. Rudd’s “greatest moral challenge facing the planet” morphs over time into Abbott’s “load of crap”. Despite years of calamity warnings and earnest effort, CO2 production is actually accelerating away from us as people place short term benefit in front of long term pain. The prospect of some nebulous future cost or greater benefit is always trumped by what’s in it for me right now. The task of managers and system designers is to design a system in which it is in the members’ short term interests to act in the long term interests of the organisation. Dumb ways of doing this are to create artificial incentives and disincentives but these come at a cost, require centralised control to implement and often leave no residual benefit on their removal. A smarter way is to redesign the system so…

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Why Silent Diesel Generators are Beneficial?


Diesel Generators in Delhi

Diesel Generators in Delhi

Are you going to buy a diesel generator? Think why? For business or home?

There are too many things to consider when you are going to buy a generator.

The first and most important is requirement. Calculate all the power for which you are buying generator.  Check the on grid power availability in the locality. If power is too much cut off then all your needs depend on the generator so you need more powerful generator.

Generators provide power backup for your home and business so choose wisely and buy generator from a reputed company. Continue reading

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Infographic – Comparison of Bulb, CFL and LED Lights

bulb cfl and led

Comparison is based on energy consumption, life and how much fuel is needed.

This infographic is created by:

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Latest models of Mahindra Powerol Gensets

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